A space where mindfulness takes place.

Where becoming aware, allows us to connect deep within ourselves. A space sacred to us and us alone.

The Wisdom 1.0 series is a collection of art that represents the way in which we perceive ourselves. Being in tune with our inner most thoughts, beliefs and feelings, understand our loves and aversions, allows to understand more about who we truly are.

Every thought that encompasses our mind, plays a part in who we are, not only through our own perception but also through the perception of others. More often than not, destructive thought patterns become habitual and thus we become unaware of the damage they make.


Wisdom to Wellness

Each Wisdom card from the Wisdom 1.0 series will guide you on how to best communicate with yourself, to give you the directions needed throughout the various stages of your life, aid in your decision-making and have most of your burning question answered.

Each card involves major life topics based on a simple concept. View the art and make your own interpretations. The interpretations of our hearts will aid in calming our chaotic thoughts while making discoveries of the unknown. Through viewing, you will identify an inner voice that provides energy, courage, strength, love, hope and ultimately - infinite happiness.

“All feelings and experiences have their place and function. I focus on positive experiences and the healing power of beauty. Expressed with bright and colourful hues, fluency, human nature and by creating order in chaos.

Reinvention and rebirth. Self-experience and self-development. These are the main themes in my work. The work are characterized by a variety of energies. Most are inner self & some are a reflection of life. I try to create a sentiment, enlighten self-energy and provide comfort for the soul.”



A limited NFT collection that is one of a kind. Each piece represents a concept art that reflects a different meaning to each individual.

This first collection is a BUNDLED OFFERING, whereby purchasing ONE NFT will allow you to receive a PHYSICAL art piece, exclusively signed by Goey.

With the growing popularity of Goey, these assets will appreciate overtime and in turn increase their worth making it a valuable investment. Stay tuned for more Wisdom Series!


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